OldnNew Bottle Cap Wall Art Prints

These two 30”x30”x4” limited edition homage to the roadside signs of old are a combination of photographic and digital techniques. The 26 gauge sheet steel bottle cap sign reproduction is printed with UV resistant inks and then hand formed to create an illusion of what once was.


This reinterpretation of the old roadside advertising sign with its rusted steel and scratched and faded paint all speak to the years this might have hung on the wall outside that juke joint down by the tracks. The still available Acme brand revives memories of hot nights and some cool blues. Just the thought that ice cold tang on your throat makes you want to weep.

The bold colors of the Acme logo from the 40′s makes the most of its graphic form. The Acme Brewery of San Francisco was erected after the earthquake of 1906 and the North Coast Brewing Company of Fort Bragg has owned the brand since 1996. The Acme logo went through a number of modifications over the decades. You can view the history of the brand at the Acme Museum.


Lemon Lime

Here the corroded steel and abused paint recall the years this version might have hung on the fence outside that old store down on the corner. The icy citrus tang of that soda cold from the cooler revives memories of hot summer afternoons with nothing to do.

The iconic nature of vintage bottle cap designs readily lend themselves to interpretation, and these prints might hang on a garden wall as an interesting ‘found’ object, or behind a rustic bar. And for a novelty side table, it could be mounted to a variety of base-type objects. I have used large garden pots, wooden tubs, tree stumps and stacked bricks. Also, flea markets finds and yard sale bits can make cool bottoms.

This is one, of what will be a signed limited edition of 25 prints.

Acme or Lemon Lime
30″x30″x4″ printed and hand-formed 26 gauge sheet steel