Lil Buckaroo Outfit Feb28

Lil Buckaroo Outfit

Yee haw lil buckaroo...Reversable blue sweater with red flannel cowboy print.

The Memphis Series Feb25

The Memphis Series

A series of acrylic on canvas interpretations of the Memphis skyline painted during the period from 2007 thru 2011 exploring a mix of color and technique.

Acme Table Feb25

Acme Table

A vintage homage to classic metal advertising art that is striking with colors of the Acme logo from the 40's.

Hand Stamped Cards Feb24

Hand Stamped Cards

Original and unique note cards free stamped from a variety of hand cut rubber originals.

Paper Chimes Feb05

Paper Chimes

Fun paper 'wind chimes' are ready to dangle where ever you'd like a bit of eye candy.